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Firstly, thank you for coming in to look at our website. We hope you like it.

MKB Web Works is a wholly owned subsidiary of MKB Enterprises. Our mission in life is to bring the Internet to eCommerce Sales, Advertisers and Users by cost effective way. To prove this you pay us nothing unless we produce samples which satisfy your specification.

Over recent years we have developed the skills, techniques and tools to produce high caliber, eye catching web sights for all purposes, organisations and business types. We presently display over 9,000 options on this site and are increasing the range and capability all the time.

We can offer Techi features like image map hotspots, frames designs, forms designs, Java/Flash animation and scrolling. We will regularly offer you new features that are suggested by our customers and any new elements that major Web browsers implement. Perhaps you want an eShop,eCoomerce or think there is a better look for your web sight, perhaps a stunning new offering or there is a Java effect you can not do without, please get in touch now. Please also BookMark us and watch out for new offerings.

We can also give you the help you need to define your requirements. Often this can be done remotely via the Internet, telephone and Fax. We create samplers for you and give you regular updates on progress so that you have control over the finished product. We hand over to you the finished site and the means to maintain it. Or we can also handle that for you if you wish.

We will take you through Colour schemes, page styles, what to do if you already have digital images or Logos, if you want Frames (like this site), Flash (moving images), Animations or just Text Effects.

We take care of Domain Names, Web Hosting, Search Engine Promotion and can even demystify the whole business of advertising and selling via the Internet. Ask us to jargon bust for you. We get you what you want as quickly as possible and at reasonable prices.

We also have considerable knowledge of business computer systems and can help you get or upgrade everything you need if you are expanding your Internet presence.

Please feel free to look round our web site. If you see what you like then good. If you have an existing site, have an example in mind or want someting totally new we will take it from there.

Please also feel free to use the Quotations Form, Feedback Form or contact details below to let us know what we can do for you.

We wish you an enjoyable visit and look forward to helping you get where you want to be in this great big Internet world.

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