At MKB Web Works quotations are easy to arrange.

Simply call the numbers given below and we can begin to help you define your needs.

Alternatively you can fill out our online quotation request form below and send it to us directly. Remember you pay us nothing unless we produce samples which satisfy your specification.

If you have an existing site, want someting totally new or have an example in mind we can remotely explore your wishes. It would be helpful if you have some idea of what you want but this is not important.

Things to consider are Colour schemes, if you already have digital images or a Logo, if you want Frames (like this site), Flash (moving images), Animations or just Text.

Also when your want the job done and any other special requirements.

Often we can give you a quotation on the day you contact us otherwise we will send it to you within a day or so.

The price quoted will be the price we charge unless additional work is requested or substantial extra work is found to be needed upon commencement of the job.

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